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Dwelling place of the palliative care patient

This symbol represents the dwelling place of the palliative care patient. It is situated in the middle of the artwork to show that it is an important place, a place they may call home and a place of comfort. The patient is also depicted in the middle to acknowledge patient-centred care.

Journey lines & dwelling places

The journey lines anddwelling places are all connected to the patient. Depicted in the middle of the artwork It is the patient’s journey over their life time. The journey lines and dwelling places show the patient’s familiar paths in life. These are the places they may have visited or even lived.

Life experiences

These circles represent the many life experiences of a patient in different places. These experiences are memories. As patients come to the end of their journey these memories become even more important. Sharing these memories and celebrating one’s journey can bring comfort to the patient, their families and friends.

Land, lakes & sea

The blue dots represent the rivers, lakes and sea. The beige, light orange and purple dots represent the land. These are all places of significance.